Julie Follett Piano Studio

I strive to create a well-rounded musician, through teaching piano.  I will incorporate various subjects during each lesson including but not limited to ear training, theory, sight-reading, composition, transposition, and improvisation.

I strongly encourage my students to give back to the world in a musical way.  I believe in exposing students, from an early age, to the opportunity of sharing their music for others to enjoy.  I encourage my students to perform in different venues, such as churches, where they can accompany a choir, enhance a meeting by performing a solo or duet, or provide background music for various meetings or events.  My goal is for the young piano players to become comfortable playing in front of others and to share what they have learned with others.  Apart from the standard piano repertoire, I will provide instruction on church hymns for the interested students.  In addition, students may occasionally choose songs of their own choice, such as a popular song from the radio.  These songs will only be approved by me after the student has met a specific goal, such as first learning a classical piece which was chosen by me.

Ultimately, I will do my best to create a music lover who not only enjoys playing for his or herself, but who also understands that music should be shared with others and has a desire to play for the enjoyment of others.